How to Make a Hamster Cage With Household Items?

How to make a hamster cage with household items?

To give a better life for your hamsters, one of the most essential factors that you have to be considered is hamster cages. The affordable cages for hamsters are surely a bonus to your shopping experience. Usually, the hamster cages can be quite expensive. Also, it is quite tough for the hamster owner who is living on a budget. Due to this, it can be beneficial to find the effective way of using the household items to make a top quality hamster cage. Let try best hamster cage here by own:

Well, it is very easy to build that it only needs a few supplies as well as a tiny moment of your time. All you need to have is a storage bin, wire mesh, a water bottle, wire, nuts/bolts/washer and a wheel to get started. Once you gather all those materials, it is the time to begin outlining the step by step procedures of making your own hamster cage. You should keep reading for the full instructions given below:

Hamster cage: Get your complete materials and tools collected


Before you get into the actual step by step process, it is always more important to go through the essential tools you will require. By performing so, you can make sure that you are well prepared for this cost effective as well as rewarding experience.

Materials you require

Materials you require


As already mentioned, the materials you will require are material that you majorly discover around a house. However, each one of these materials has a particular purpose that you will want to understand for this project to be prosperous.

Storage bin

It must be a clear bin, which is minimum 20×30 inches. This is a least calculation for the comfy living surrounding for single hamster or couple of dwarf hamsters. Hence, bigger is good.

A plastic wheel

The plastic wheel is required around eleven or twelve inches for single hamster and 8 or 8.5 inches for the dwarf hamster.

Wire mesh

19 or 23 gauge roll must be sufficient to make the windows of a cage.


The length of a foot must be sufficient to safe the water bottle within a cage.

A pet water bottle

It is a highly recommended one. Also, it is simply one of the greatest choices on the market.

Washers, bolts and nuts

Around 16 of each must perform this trick. This will support quickly the mesh to a lid that will make windows.

Therefore, each of these materials does have a noteworthy determination in making a top quality bin cage. So, you should ensure that you have them completely, before moving on with your project.


Hamster cage: Get your complete materials and tools

At present, there are many items available on this list that you may not have within home. If this is a situation, you do not fret. Moreover, the prices of the following tools will be quite lesser than the excessively luxurious hamster cages available at the pet shops.

Drill and bits

11/64 sized drill bit must be a satisfactory one that is sufficient to make both water bottle spout hole and ventilation holes.

Wire cutter

You will require the one to cut the wire mesh.

A sharpie or permanent market

This tool will be highly used to grab your windows to assist monitor your cutting.

Some kind of utility saw or knife

Based on the material of a storage bin, you will want either a utility saw or knife to cut over it.

With these complete materials and tools ready for use, you should onto the actual step by step instructions for making this hamster cage with your household items. Honestly, obtaining all these materials or tools can be a quite daunting task. Once you obtain all those tools, the rest of process is very easy that the hamster can perform it.

Hamster cage- A step by step procedure

Hamster cage- A step by step procedure

  • Ready to take off a lid
  • Cutting the mesh to fit the windows
  • Secure the windows
  • Make the ventilation holes
  • Add in a pet water bottle
  • Put in a d├ęcor

If you are looking for the ways to make hamster cage with household items, let try best hamster cage here by following above steps and attempt to make out with these items. Therefore, these items will enables you to have a freedom to personalize your hamster cage more efficiently. If you want the cheap cages for hamsters, now you can get all materials on the internet at discount rates.