How To Choose A Gerbil Cage?

A Gerbil is from of family of gerbellinae and is a small mammal. Gerbils were once known alike desert rats and have a total number of 110 species around the globe. They are very small mammals with fairy long tails that have more fur on the tails end. They are not nocturnal and are sometimes active in nights. They’re notorious as well as curious. Gerbils are social animals Hans keeping same-sex of Gerbils is necessary.

A cage of 12 inches by 24 inches by 12 inches can be a good minimum size for a pair of Gerbils. Since Gerbils are notorious, a big cage can always be a better option. The cage should process a lead to prevent the escape of the Gerbils. A small sleeping box is also necessary e in the cage for Gerbils which day can use for sleeping inside and hiding purposes. The sleeping box must be sturdy and made with wood as Gerbils has a habit of chewing. They cannot chew the wood. In addition to the sleeping box, climbing materials should also be added into the cage so that Gerbils can climb to their cage. In the cage, A layer of bedding can result in providing a good base and Gerbils to dig. For Gerbils to eat, they should have a packaged diet which consists of four to seven per cent of fat and ten to twelve per cent of protein. A small pot in which a fresh supply of water comes should always be there. To eat, rice and loose seeds are highly recommendable for Gerbils.

Gerbils, like any other animal, have a natural habitat. So, if one adopts a Gerbil, one should make their best possible efforts to provide the nature like atmosphere to Gerbil. One should also give their best efforts to keep the basic health hygiene of the Gerbil with a proper diet of food as well as water. One should read more about the proper diet of the Gerbil.

Different types of Gerbil cages

How To Choose A Gerbil Cage?

  • Cage- package which is difficult and contains bars and also a plastic tray. This cage can be cost-efficient but also the cage that will make dirt. Also, there is a high chance of Gerbils biting the plastic cage.
  • Aquarium-

  • a fish aquarium can act as a cage for Gerbils. This cage can be economical. The only thing one needs to deal with is the lid of the cage. The lid of the cage should be meshy so that it can prevent the Gerbils from running away from the cage as they are curious enough to find new things out.
  • Terrarium-

  • A terrarium can act as a good place for Gerbils to live apart from the reptiles. The only thing is those terrariums are of high cost, but one won’t regret keeping Gerbils in the terrarium.
  • Glass cage-

  • glass cage can result into the efficient cage as glass cages are large enough and easy to clean and also easy for providing disinfectants into the cage. But glass cages do not offer good ventilation. Hence, one has to maintain proper hygiene inside the cage.
  • Wire cages- one should always keep in mind that the distance between the wires cage must be adequate. So that the Gerbils don’t get hurt on the feet and tails. Wire cages help in space management and spacious enough.
  • Plastic cages-

  • How To Choose A Gerbil Cage?
  • plastic cage has a removable tray as a base. However, there are some advantages as well as disadvantages of a plastic cage. Gerbils can you the plastic, and plastic cages are cost-efficient.

While taking consideration of the cage for Gerbils, one must take care of the size off the cage as the cage should have enough space for the Gerbils to move and do mischievous things. Before purchasing a cage, one must look for the place to locate it. A place where direct sunlight cannot come and Gerbils are safe from other mammals.

Characteristics of a good cage

  • Close should be solid and free of bars so that the Gerbils don’t get injured with their feet and tails.
  • Ventilation in the cage should be good to pass fresh air.
  • The size of the cage matters the most, for the Gerbils to move and feel free in the cage, the cage must be large enough comparatively. One should read more about the importance of space in Gerbils cage.
  • A Multi-storey cage can help the cage to be large enough and also help in space management of the cage. A multi-storey cage can help Gerbils to have a larger space. One has to just keep in mind that the height of each storey remains according to Gerbil’s height.
  • Terrariums can be the best option to keep the Gerbils as terrariums are big and have plenty of space in them. They are quite easy to clean too.
  • Fish thanks can also act as a good cage for Gerbils as it has a lot of space and also cost-efficient. The only thing one has to take care of is the lid of the tank to prevent Gerbils from running away from the cage.

If a proper space is not provided to the Gerbils, it can affect them such as:

How To Choose A Gerbil Cage?

  • They continue to scratch the walls off the cage and also the corners of the cage. They can behave unhygienically that could cause a problem to the Gerbil skin, legs, as well as tails.
  • One should keep in mind that Gerbils live in communes; otherwise, a single Gerbil can behave abnormally or can get into depression provided the cage should be big otherwise they could start fighting.
  • If proper space is not provided to Gerbils, they must go depressed or be unhappy resultant to which they could eat less and affect their hygiene.
  • If the Gerbils have babies, they would result in a fight for space if there is less space for everyone to move around and will create a mess all inside the cage.